MASTECH M266F Digital AC Clamp Meter AC Current Resistance Tester Detector with Diode

41 10a, drsstc interrupter

Iv Meter

35*15*38. Wholesale regulate power. Logic frequency:Etcr6600. 380g(batteries not included). 0℃~40℃. 2mohm. See discription. 160x160mm led. 0.001a / 0.01a / 0.1a. Wholesale ammeter dc analog. Dc6v alkaline dry battery,1.5v aaa*4. Clamp for multimeters. 2k?/200k?/20m?. 0.25kg. Mastech multimeter ms8261. Max value test: 200 c. 2nf/20nf/200nf/2?f/20?f/200?f/2mf/20mf. Ut595. 

Dc Mcb 125a

Deal plus. Usb c 15v. 0.1 to 200, +/-(0.8% of rdg + 3 dgts). V.f.c.: 10hz-1mhz+/-(0.1%+4). W conectors. 0~40 degreeDc clamp meter bside. 2k-200k-2mω [± (1.0% + 3dgt)]. Ac voltage: 750v ±1.2%. 

Volt Tester Digital Multimeter

Security level: 0.475. 36010. Hp-850b. Automatic clamps. Ground mounting. 0 deg.c~40 deg.c , <75% rh. 40/400/4k/40k/100k hz. Frequency capacitance multimeter. 60mv?1000v. Etcr4300. School experiment teachingAc 750v /dc 1000v. Resist cable. Hyelec ms2101. Wholesale clamp meter fluke. Ut211b. Powered: Measurement of dc leakage current, dc current, car leakage. 

Couplings And Adapters

286mm x 105mm x45 mm. 9.999nf~99.99mf. 0 ° c to 40 ° cWire ground. Temperature: : Wholesale ac digital clamp meter. Hp870n. 200mv/2v/20v/200v±(0.8%+2) 600v±(1.0%+2). Ac:2ma ~ 3999ma, 4a ~ 200a. Dc ac resistance capacitance frequency temperature meter. Low battery display. 8.2"*1.5"*1.14". 2a/20a/200a/500a. 255mm*90mm*46mm. 400mv~1000v. 1ma ac/dc. Clamp tester. 

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